Tampa DUI Defense Expert Michael Braxton

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Few names are as connected with DUI cases in Tampa as DUI Michael Braxton. His significant knowledge and proven track record make him a leading DUI law expert. He meticulously handles each case, demonstrating his understanding of DUI law and science.

Michael Braxton approaches DUI defense by meticulously examining the evidence against his clients. This frequently entails thoroughly reviewing police arrest tactics, including field sobriety testing and breathalyzers. Braxton’s attention to detail might spot procedural or technical errors that damage the prosecution’s case.

Braxton successfully challenged breathalyzer test findings, demonstrating his knowledge. The equipment, which showed a BAC much above the legal limit, was calibrated incorrectly. Braxton called experts to testify concerning the potential inaccuracy of calibration problems. After hearing the arguments and evidence, the judge excluded the breathalyzer findings, resulting in a good outcome for the client.

Braxton defended another DUI checkpoint client. He questioned the checkpoint’s legitimacy using his constitutional law expertise. Braxton claimed the checkpoint violated legal, operational transparency, and randomization norms. The court ruled the stop-related evidence inadmissible. This clever legal tactic dismissed the case and highlighted the significance of strict DUI checkpoint laws.

Braxton’s dedication to customers goes beyond court. He is recognized for encouraging clients to take immediate action after an arrest to improve their defense. This includes getting surveillance footage from the arrest site and witness statements that can shed light on the circumstances leading up to the arrest. Due to his rigorous preparation and smart planning, he is an effective DUI defense attorney.

Michael Braxton also gives seminars and workshops to legal professionals. His knowledge of changing DUI legislation helps other attorneys improve their defense techniques, improving DUI case management in Tampa.

The cases Braxton wins and the trust he creates with his clients determine his success. Due to his prior clients’ contentment and trust in him, many of his clients are referrals. He is one of Tampa’s most regarded DUI lawyers due to his ethical and vigorous advocacy.